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June 2019

New tour dates added!

August 2018

We're still waiting for Karsten's ears to mend. Meanwhile, many thanks to 26 Regt RA for inviting us to play! Gig planning for 2019 is underway. Hope to see you in a bar near to you soon!

May 2018

Loud music causes deafness! Until Karsten recovers, we're a 4 piece. We've tried stand ins before, and it just doesn't suit us, so we'll play a reduced set until he's ready to rejoin us. Get well soon mate!

February 2018

We're back! Come and drink too much beer with us at the Gaststätte zum Güterbahnhof in Lippstadt in March!

October 2017

Thank you Seligenstadt! If Carlsberg made pubs, the Old Smuggler would be up there! We had such a great time we've uploaded a video. Check it out here!

June 2017

New gigs added! And there are rumours of a tour soon...!!

March 2017

The demo is done! Check it out here. A huge welcome to Dani!

January 2017

Happy New Year to all!

Eric has decided to take some time out from the band and so we're currently putting our new singer through their paces. Keep looking back for new tour dates for later this year!

November 2016

Due to some local pubs and clubs expecting us to play for free, we've had to cancel a couple of gigs. This is by no means a rant, but there are five of us in the band. We're carrying heavy gear to each show and spending hours setting up, let alone rehearsing. To the promoters out there who want us to play for free in exchange for the "exposure", no pay = no music. Try organising five plumbers for the same amount of time and see how much that costs you!

Anyway, we look forwards to seeing you on 26th November at our Autumn practice room gig before we hibernate for the Winter. We'll be back next year and are planning a spring and summer of going back to our roots with biker shows and tattoo gigs amongst the festivals. Raise a beer and see you soon!

June 2016

What a year so far! June has seen Wired headline the Messtival - many thanks to QRH and the other bands who played. Have look at the photos...

May 2016

We've had a couple of great gigs so far - unfortunately we've had to delay one due to illness. We hope to see you on 21st May in Fat Louis!

April 2016

We're back in Paderborn in May! Dates now confirmed for Fat Louis and The Auld Triangle in Paderborn.

March 2016

Thanks to everyone who turned out to see us at the Stellwerk in Bielefeld. We had a blast!

We're in the middle of editing video of the evening. A little taster is available under the videos section!

January 2016

The first gig for 2016 has been confirmed! We'll be playing in Bielefeld with Melon Gallery in February. Click here for more details!